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Wax Type: Coconut and Beeswax Blend
Candle Size: 220g
Burn Time: 45+ hours


Craftsmanship, Quality, and a Dash of Rebellion Our candles are more than just scents; they're an experience. Crafted with passion, each candle tells a story of craftsmanship, quality, and a dash of rebellion.

Fragrance Journey Overview

Twilight Defiance - Luxury Scented Candle

Twilight Defiance Luxe Candle is an audacious fragrance voyage that captures the essence of dusk in a land shrouded in enigma. This luxury candle ignites with the sharp clarity of lemon, the radiant rebellion of bergamot, and the bold defiance of black pepper, setting the stage for a nocturnal adventure laced with intrigue and the promise of the unknown.

At its heart, the scent reveals a seductive duel between the enigmatic allure of orange blossom and the dark, intoxicating whispers of davana, crafting a mid-note melody that dances on the edge of night, where exotic blooms reveal their deepest secrets.

As the aroma deepens, it surrenders to a base of enigmatic woods and molten amber, a scent that simulates the quiet, brooding strength of the night, rich with the silent oaths sworn under a starlit sky.

Scent Odyssey

Top Notes: A defiant burst of lemon, illuminated by the anarchic glow of bergamot and the insurgent spice of black pepper, heralds the onset of a dusk-tinted escapade.

Heart Notes: The core thrives on the forbidden romance of orange blossom and davana, an intoxicating fusion that captivates and enthrals, symbolizing the twilight's magnetic pull towards the mysterious.

Base Notes: The scent's resolution in a dominion of shadowy woods and glowing amber encapsulates the night's solemn beauty and its whispered, ancient promises.

Product Essence

Twilight Defiance is not merely a fragrance; it's a manifesto of mystery and exploration, an olfactory rebel rallying against the mundane. As the candle burns, its fragrance envelops the space, a beacon for those drawn to the twilight's allure and the shadows of distant realms.

Ignite the Twilight Defiance Luxe Candle by PUNKS & PEACOCKS and allow its complex, evocative scent to fill your domain, offering a passage to a realm where night holds sway, and every shadow tells a tale. Designed for the adventurers of the dusk, the poets of the dark, and the seekers of beauty in the enigmatic, this candle is a salute to the indomitable spirit of exploration and the captivating dance of light and shadow. With Twilight Rebel, embark on a sensory journey to the exotic corners of twilight, where mystery blooms and the night's enigmas unfold.

Candle Longevity & Safety

To ensure the longevity, safety and optimal performance of your candle, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips on how to look after your candle:

  1. Trim the wick before each use to about 1/4 inch to prevent the flame from getting too large.
  2. Keep the candle away from any drafts, as this can cause uneven burning and a shorter lifespan.
  3. Allow the candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours during the first use, or until the wax has melted evenly across the surface, to prevent tunnelling.
  4. Always use a candle snuffer or lid to extinguish the flame, as blowing it out can cause smoke and soot to form.
  5. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  6. Keep the wax pool free of debris, such as matches or wick trimmings, to prevent the flame from flickering.
  7. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the full experience of your candle for as long as possible.
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