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Wax Type: Blended Coconut and Beeswax
Wick: Double Wick
Candle Size: 285g
Burn Time: Approx. 48 hours
Hand Poured In The UK


Craftsmanship, Quality, and a Dash of Rebellion Our candles are more than just scents; they're an experience. Crafted with passion, each candle tells a story of craftsmanship, quality, and a dash of rebellion.

Fragrance Journey Overview

Escape to the tropical paradise of Tahitian Daydream, where the intoxicating scent of tiare flowers meets the creamy richness of vanilla. Each note is a wave that washes over you, soothing and warm like the sun on your skin. This fragrance is an ode to leisure, luxury, and the unorthodox beauty found in island retreats.

Tahitian Daydream is a mesmerizing fragrance that captures the enchanting allure of a tropical escape, blending the exotic and the familiar into a unique olfactory experience. This luxurious candle opens with the intoxicating aroma of tiare flower, the iconic blossom of Tahiti, known for its intense fragrance and deep cultural significance. The Tiare's rich floral notes are perfectly complemented by the creamy sweetness of vanilla, creating a soothing yet profound sensory experience.

As the scent develops, it is enriched with the warm, tropical essence of coconut oil, which infuses the candle with a velvety richness that transports you directly to the sun-drenched shores of the Pacific. The addition of subtle hints of clove introduces a spicy undertone that adds a layer of complexity and intrigue, reflecting the candle’s theme of elegance intertwined with a touch of rebellion.

Tahitian Daydream is more than just a fragrance; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the luxury of the exotic, to embrace the bold and the sophisticated, and to celebrate the beauty of being unorthodox. This candle is ideal for those who dream of distant paradises and who cherish moments of escape from the ordinary.

Light up Tahitian Daydream to fill your space with the seductive scents of Tahiti, where the exotic blooms and the warm breeze evoke a world of sophisticated dreams. Let this candle inspire you to embrace your unique style and to explore the boundaries of tradition and rebellion, all while enveloped in the luxurious embrace of tropical elegance.

Candle Longevity & Safety

To ensure the longevity, safety and optimal performance of your candle, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips on how to look after your candle:

  1. Trim the wick before each use to about 1/4 inch to prevent the flame from getting too large.
  2. Keep the candle away from any drafts, as this can cause uneven burning and a shorter lifespan.
  3. Allow the candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours during the first use, or until the wax has melted evenly across the surface, to prevent tunnelling.
  4. Always use a candle snuffer or lid to extinguish the flame, as blowing it out can cause smoke and soot to form.
  5. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  6. Keep the wax pool free of debris, such as matches or wick trimmings, to prevent the flame from flickering.
  7. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the full experience of your candle for as long as possible.
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