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Wax Type: Coconut and Beeswax Blend
Candle Size: 220g
Burn Time: 45+ hours


Craftsmanship, Quality, and a Dash of Rebellion Our candles are more than just scents; they're an experience. Crafted with passion, each candle tells a story of craftsmanship, quality, and a dash of rebellion.

Fragrance Journey Overview

Sandstorm Serenade-  Luxury Scented Candle

Sandstorm SerenadeLuxe Candle is a rebellious ode to the untamed heart of the Arabian desert, blending the raw essence of ancient lands with a defiant modern twist. This luxury candle ignites with an electrifying clash of lemon, cardamom, saffron, and lavender, capturing the untamed spirit of the desert and its spice-laden breezes beneath a rebellious sky of stars.

As the fragrance unfurls, it reveals a wild floral core of jasmine and lily, thriving among the dark, rich undertones of oudh, patchouli, and amber. This heart sings a punk anthem of floral defiance, set against the backdrop of the desert's endless sands and hidden mysteries.

The scent's finale is a base of luxurious cashmere musk, tonka, vetivert, and vanilla, amplified by the raw power of cedarwood, guaiac wood, and leather. It's a blend that resonates with the strength and elegance of the desert, reimagined through the lens of punk sophistication and avant-garde luxury.

Scent Rebellion

Top Notes: A riotous burst of lemon, the heat of cardamom, the exotic allure of saffron, and the soothing defiance of lavender, launching you into a sensory rebellion that echoes the desert's vibrant soul.

Heart Notes: A core of jasmine and lily rises like a mirage from the deep, grounding essence of oudh, patchouli, and amber, weaving a tapestry of florals that challenge the conventional, inviting you to uncover the desert's hidden jewels.

Base Notes: The base crafts a final note of insurrection with cashmere musk, tonka, vetivert, and vanilla, grounded in the enduring beauty of cedarwood, guaiac wood, and leather, a testament to the desert's timeless rebellion against the ordinary.

Product Essence

Sandstorm Serenade is not merely a candle; it's a journey into the essence of the desert redefined by punk ethos and high-end fashion sensibility. As the candle burns, its fragrance envelops the space, transporting you to a world where the ancient and the avant-garde collide under the cover of night.

Ignite the Sandstorm Serenade Luxe Candle by PUNKS & PEACOCKS and let its audacious aroma fill your realm, drawing you into the heart of a desert where tradition meets innovation, and the earth meets the infinite sky. Designed for those mesmerized by the desert's enigma and the narratives it weaves, this fragrance pays homage to the eternal dance of the elements, infused with a spirit of rebellion and luxury. With Desert Punk Rhapsody, experience a scent as limitless as the desert itself, and let every note fuel your own story of discovery and defiant elegance.

Candle Longevity & Safety

To ensure the longevity, safety and optimal performance of your candle, it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips on how to look after your candle:

  1. Trim the wick before each use to about 1/4 inch to prevent the flame from getting too large.
  2. Keep the candle away from any drafts, as this can cause uneven burning and a shorter lifespan.
  3. Allow the candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours during the first use, or until the wax has melted evenly across the surface, to prevent tunnelling.
  4. Always use a candle snuffer or lid to extinguish the flame, as blowing it out can cause smoke and soot to form.
  5. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  6. Keep the wax pool free of debris, such as matches or wick trimmings, to prevent the flame from flickering.
  7. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the full experience of your candle for as long as possible.
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