The Crucial Choice: Why the Right Wick Matters for Your Scented Candle

At PUNKS & PEACOCKS, we understand that the heart of a great candle experience lies not just in its fragrance or wax but also in the often-overlooked wick. Selecting the correct wick is crucial for ensuring your candle burns cleanly, efficiently, and safely. This blog post delves into why the wick choice is so important and how it can impact the overall performance of your scented candle.

1. Wick Size and Candle Burn

Optimal Wax Consumption
The size of the wick influences how much wax is melted during the burning process. A wick that’s too large for the candle can cause it to burn too fast, wasting your beautiful candle sooner than expected. Conversely, a wick that’s too small may not generate enough heat to properly melt the wax, leading to tunneling and an uneven burn.

Ensuring a Full Melt Pool
The right-sized wick ensures that the candle forms a full melt pool across its surface within a few hours of lighting. This not only maximizes the release of fragrance but also extends the candle’s lifespan by preventing waste.

2. The Role of Wick Material

Cotton Wicks
Cotton wicks are the most common type used in candle making. They are known for their consistent burn and are generally well-suited for most types of wax.

Wooden Wicks
Wooden wicks offer a unique visual and auditory experience, crackling softly as they burn. They are ideal for achieving a fast melt pool and work well with thicker, more viscous types of wax.

Specialty Wicks
Some candles use specially designed wicks, such as those with multiple threads or those coated with various minerals to modify the burning properties. These are tailored for specific types of candles and can enhance the candle’s performance significantly.

3. Scent Throw and Wick Type

Impact on Fragrance Dispersion
The type of wick affects how a candle disperses its scent. A well-chosen wick will create enough heat to release the fragrance oils efficiently without overpowering the space or burning off the scent too quickly.

Consistency in Fragrance Release
A consistent, even burn provided by the correct wick ensures a steady release of fragrance, maintaining the aroma’s integrity throughout the life of the candle.

4. Safety Considerations

Preventing Soot and Smoke
The right wick will burn cleanly, minimizing the production of soot and smoke. Choosing the correct type and size of wick is essential to avoid these byproducts, which can accumulate on walls or other surfaces and diminish air quality.

Avoiding Wick Flopping
A properly selected wick will remain stable and upright as the candle burns. This prevents the wick from ‘flopping’ or leaning to one side, which can lead to uneven burning and potential safety hazards.


At PUNKS & PEACOCKS, we meticulously select the type and size of the wick for each candle, ensuring it perfectly complements its wax and fragrance. This careful selection is crucial for providing you with a superior candle experience—safe, enjoyable, and beautiful to the last flicker.

Understanding the role of the wick can enhance your appreciation of our candles and help you recognize the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Explore our range and experience the perfection of well-crafted candles.